Team Buiding-urile are specially designed programs for:

  • teamwork skills
  • weldingconnections between team members

It runs in a separate environment from the workplace through exercises in-door orout-door causing to overcome the limits.

Teambuilding programs may be:

  • Soft –   average difficulty with exercises
  •  Extreme –  techniques are used in climbing and / or survival in hostile conditions.

These programs can be organized in any area of ​​the country or abroad.
Participants will be divided into  groups of at least 10 individuals,but with no maximum number.

In each group of 10 – 12  person will be assigned a trainer

Team Building extreme will be rescue teams supervised.
The exercises will be chosen and adapted specific objectives tracked for each Team Building in hand but also by age and physical condition of the participants.

Extreme exercise can include:

  • rappelling a rock wall
  • the flying fox crossing a stream
  • rafting the raging rivers
  • canyoning (negotiating a route through the mountains and valleys drained descent of mountain torrents using climbing techniques)
  • crossing the ropes, etc.


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